The Power of Marketing – Power Your Small Business by Marketing Your Products on the Web For Free

You can use the power of marketing to market your products and business all over the web for free. People all over the world are looking for what you have to offer but if they can’t find you, you mind as well not exist. The question is, “How can you market yourself in as many places online as possible and how do you go about doing it? Few companies, especially small businesses know how to market themselves online. The usual sequence is that a company develops a website, publishes it online and then hopes for the best.

This, of course, is a total pot luck method of advertising. Websites are extremely useful if they are filled with what are called “keywords or keyword phrases.” What this means is that certain words and phrases are used in daily searches that appear more frequently. If you can use them in your text and website title then the chances of being found are much greater. Not only this, but you can use social media to promote your business all over the web to hundreds, if not thousands of niche groups. Here are some tips on how to market your business online.

Did you know that you can upload videos to YouTube, Google and Yahoo video sites among many others? People search for video content for information just as much as they do articles and print related material. Small businesses can take advantage of the power of marketing online if they just take some time to learn social networking techniques online and how to use social media to reach out to niche audiences. Advertising on television, radio and print is very expensive. Many corporations spend millions of dollars a year to reach national and global audiences. Get in the game and spread your message to as many people and groups that you can. Just do some homework and then take action. You can do it. Start now.

Setup an Online Business and Make Money From Internet Marketing

Can I setup an online business? Where do I start? Is there a right and wrong way?

I’m a freelance web designer but I’ve been having some issues with clients who’s always looking for cheap web designs. That scenario forced me to look for alternative sources of income and that’s where I found the perfect business.

I turned to Internet marketing.

I soon realized that this business is not easy.

The first challenge was to find the best educational resource available because the system that I tried out wasn’t working for me. I bought how-to guides but I discovered that they were either re hashed information or that they were too advanced.

I have to face the truth, try out some things and see if it will work or not. I told myself that buying these guides would be an investment but it only caused me a lot of frustration because I’ve wasted a lot of money and a good amount of my time.

Can you really setup an online business?

First, Internet marketing is the best place to start a profitable business because:

  • You can start out with little or no budget at all.
  • Your success depends on how hard and consistent you take action.

Second, you must accept the fact that there is no proven and effective way to setup an online business without quality education and training (good thing there’s Wealthy Affiliate).

Being an Internet marketer will require you to have a different mindset towards being successful.

Internet Home Based Business and Baby Boomers

So you’re thinking of starting an Internet Home Based Business. Are you a Boomer and getting ready to retire or are already retired? Can’t fund the comfortable retirement you dreamed of due to the economic downturn? Besides you’re too young to retire. So you decided to start an Internet Home Based Business.

There are a ton of things to consider when choosing and/or starting the right Internet Home Based Business, especially if you’re a novice to internet marketing. To name just a few:

1. What type of business?
2. What are the product(s) offered?
3. How much investment is required?
4. How to market on the Internet to sell your product?
5. How much support/training is provided by the sponsoring Company?
6. What is the method/amount of compensation?
7. How much Time is required?

What type business? Do your research, choose one that has a track record of success and is appropriate for these economic times as well as one that offers a solution or solves a problem.   

What are the products offered? Choose product(s) that are unique and needed by the vast majority of people around the world, especially in the United States.

How much investment is required? Consider carefully the investment required; however, when starting a business whether it is an Internet business or a Brick & Mortar business there is always an investment required. The dollar amount required to start in internet business will almost always be substantially less than starting a brick and mortar business: e.g., a McDonalds franchise several thousand dollars just for the franchise fee. Then you add rent or mortgage payment, cost of supplies, and the list goes on & on…

How to market on the internet to sell your product? Does the sponsoring Company offer guidance as to how to market on the internet.

How much support/training is provided by the sponsoring company? Internet marketing can be very confusing to the novice and even to the experienced internet marketer at times. Things like, what is an “auto-responder.” an ezine, a landing page, Google AdWords, Video Marketing, and the list goes on…… Make sure the Sponsoring Company provides training, guidance and support in these areas 

What is the method/amount of compensation? Make sure you understand how you are compensated by the sponsoring company and also the amount. It is most desirable to have multiple sources of compensation. The more sources the better.

How much time is required? You are the one that must answer that question. Generally, the more time you invest in your business in the beginning the faster it will grow and you will reach your goals sooner. However, usually one of the reasons you started an Internet Home Based Business was so you could spend more time with you’re family so you probably don’t want to work 12-14 hours a day.